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“If equal affection cannot be,
Let the more loving one be me.”

April 18th
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12:30 am

i want to backpack across europe and see things on my own etc etc so if you’ve ever done that plz message me

April 17th
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10:43 pm

my cat loves the bible so much he is licking it

April 17th
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 Steve Hiett

April 17th
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April 17th
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K I KNOW EVERYONE HAS THEIR INTERESTS AND HAS THINGS IN COMMON WITH PEOPLE BUT OMFG i hate when something is my thing like i liked it or use it for references or say it and then someone starts using it too… like no we’re in the same group that is MY thing find your own

April 17th
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12:03 am

again, my school is the best

April 16th
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10:29 pm

i have the best workout routine the best playlist and ya im happy bring it on summa

April 16th
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i win at tinder

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April 16th
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5:38 pm

what a beautiful day to be stuck on the train

April 13th
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Cristóbal Escanilla